The season starts at Easter.

Good Friday 10:30
Welcome to the season 2017, we hoist the flag and Inge-Marie invites you to coffee and rolls.

 Easter-Saturday 19:00:
The big easter fire is lit at the fire pit at the boat bridge and for the small campers there is twist-bread.

Easter-Sunday 11:00:
We invite to bingo with great profits.
ATTENTION: Please register by phone no later than 20:00 o’clock or by telephone: +45 7447 4249.
If more than 10 people are participating, there is a pit stop with a small refreshment on the way,
If not then there is the strengthening afterwards on the Torvet (meeting place in front of the kiosk).

St. Hans:
Celebrating midsummer! At 20:00 the bonfire burns

In high season:
In high season different activities will take place.